Surcharge Free

NYCE Offers Surcharge-free Services to Meet Your Needs

NYCE offers four optional surcharge-free services, allowing your cardholders to withdraw cash without incurring a surcharge or convenience fee that is typically assessed by the owner of the ATM.

SUM Logo

SUM® is the premier surcharge-free program owned and administered by NYCE. Offering surcharge-free access to thousands of ATMs across the country and in U.S. territories, SUM is distinguished by its cost-effective, per transaction pricing and flexible ATM participation options. SUM program members also receive a comprehensive marketing and promotional toolkit to help educate cardholders on SUM and provide information on SUM ATM locator services. View the SUM ATM website locator at www.sum-atm.com. A downloadable mobile app for iPhone® and Android devices is available free of charge at their respective app stores. Click SUM Program for more information and visit www.sum-atm.com.

Presto Logo

For your customers who live, work, travel or attend school in the southeastern U.S., joining the Presto! network may be right for your institution. Publix Supermarkets, Inc. a major supermarket chain with locations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama, owns the Presto! network. Go to Presto! network for more information. 

SUM Program


If your customers are interested in surcharge-free, join SUM!

Join the hundreds of financial institutions that participate in the SUM surcharge-free program. Give your cardholders surcharge-free services at thousands of ATMs around the country, retain your surcharge revenue at your best sites, and increase customer loyalty. SUM helps you attract and retain deposit customers who are interested in the convenience of ATMs without the –fee annoyance” usually experienced at nonproprietary ATMs.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Save your customers money – Consumers get surcharge-free cash at thousands of ATM locations.
  • Save your customers time – Consumers look for the bright red SUM logo on participating ATMs for quick, easy, surcharge-free access to their cash.
  • Free SUM ATM locator services – Consumers visit www.sum-atm.com to locate SUM ATMs or download the free SUM ATM locator app onto iPhone® or Android smartphones for convenience on the go.

Benefits for Your Financial Institution

  • Retain and grow your deposit customer base – SUM helps you compete with larger proprietary ATM programs and complements your deposit account pricing strategy to draw new customers and retain your current deposit base.
  • Cost-effective, pay-for-usage approach makes your surcharge-free program-related expenses predictable. There are no card royalty fees with SUM.
  • Comprehensive customizable SUM toolkit is ready-to-use at no cost to you. Select web banners, statement inserts, FAQs and more – Just add your trade name and logo.
  • Participation is simple, and SUM is usually implemented in less than 30 days.
  • ATM flexibility – Designate which of your ATMs will be part of SUM, putting control of surcharge revenue in your hands. Retain surcharge revenue at your most popular ATMs.
  • SUM ATM and door/window decals are provided free of charge to all program members.

Contact Us for more information on the SUM program.

Visit www.sum-atm.com to see how your financial institution will be listed as a SUM program member. 



Presto! gives your cardholders surcharge-free ATM access at all Publix supermarket locations. Publix Supermarkets, Inc. operates the Presto! network and offers more than 1,100 surcharge-free ATMs in high-traffic supermarkets frequented by year-round residents, snowbirds, vacationers and student populations.

Publix stores are located in six states − Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee – with more than 750 ATMs concentrated in the popular Florida market.

What are the main benefits?

Presto! gives you:

  • An effective tool for increasing customer loyalty with very minimal expense. In exchange for surcharge-free access, card issuers do not receive interchange for PIN POS purchases made at Publix supermarkets.
  • An easy way to expand your surcharge-free footprint to places you otherwise might not reach.
  • Surcharge-free ATM access in popular Southeastern U.S. travel locations for your cardholders, 24/7
  • Free Publix ATM Locator Services via the NYCE ATM Locator
  • Fast and easy implementation

Click here to locate a Presto! ATM.

Contact Us for more information on Presto! or to get started on providing your cardholders with this popular surcharge-free program.

NYCE Access to Additional Surcharge-Free Services

NYCE also offers access to Allpoint (for card issuers only) and MoneyPass® (for card issuers and acquirers) surcharge-free programs.

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