NYCE Offers Innovative Limited Surcharge Program

Offer your cardholders the benefit of ATM cash at thousands of locations around the U.S. at a fixed surcharge fee of just $1. Join the innovative DOLLAR$TOP® program from NYCE® and add immediate value to your debit cards. The DOLLAR$TOP turnkey program can help you attract and retain deposit customers who value the convenience of ATM cash access with the added benefit of cash access at the no-surprise price of just $1.

Sign-up and Participation Is Simple

DOLLAR$TOP can be implemented in less than 30 days. Contact us for details.

Free DOLLAR$TOP ATM locator services

Visit their website to locate DOLLAR$TOP ATMs, or download a free DOLLAR$TOP ATM locator app to iPhone® and Android™ smartphones.

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Benefits of DOLLAR$TOP Services

Save your customers money and watch them stop, save and go with DOLLAR$TOP. Consumers get ATM cash for the no-surprise fee of just $1 at thousands of locations nationwide, guaranteed.

Save your customers time. Cardholders are drawn to the bright red DOLLAR$TOP logo for cash access to thousands of ATMs at popular, consumer-convenient locations across the U.S.

Benefits for Your Financial Institution

Retain and attract surcharge fee-sensitive customers. DOLLAR$TOP helps you satisfy those customers who love the convenience of ATMs but are annoyed by surcharge fees, which average nearly $3.00 in the U.S. and continue to increase. Retain your best customers and get all the benefits of DOLLAR$TOP.

Cost-effective, pay-for-use approach reduces your expenses. Your customers pay a little to help you save a lot versus the cost of surcharge-free programs and proprietary surcharge rebate policies.

Retain 100 percent of your proprietary ATM surcharge revenue; DOLLAR$TOP ATMs are deployed by ATM ISOs only.

Comprehensive DOLLAR$TOP marketing collateral toolkit makes program launch and customer communication easy. Select postcards, statement inserts, web banners and more – just add your trade name and logo. Toolkit materials and decals are available to DOLLAR$TOP members free of any charge. Visit Marketing Support.