Sponsorship Support

NYCE has strong relationships with dozens of sponsors throughout the U.S. Whether you have an existing relationship with a sponsor or are looking for a new sponsor, NYCE can help you with the sponsorship partner that’s right for you.

Bring Your Own Sponsor

NYCE does not require that you work with any specific financial institution for sponsorship. We will work with any qualified institution your company selects. Financial institutions that want to become sponsors in the NYCE Network are required to meet certain financial and other criteria. Contact Us if you’d like to know if your current sponsor already has a relationship with NYCE.

If You Need a Sponsor

NYCE maintains relationships with qualified institutions that provide sponsorship to ATM deployers, retailers and billers. We would be happy to assist your organization by introducing you to one or more of these institutions. And we’ll provide a helping hand to try to make the process easy for all involved.

If you are looking for a sponsor, NYCE will work with you to help find the right sponsorship relationship. This allows you to spend more time focused on your primary business objectives, while having the peace of mind that your sponsorship requirements have been met.

Contact Us with any sponsorship question, and we’ll get back to you right away.