EMV Support

NYCE offers EMV support for all NYCE Network card issuers regardless of the payment card brands offered.

NYCE supports the U.S. Common Debit AIDs licensed by the Debit Network Alliance (DNA), Discover®, Mastercard®, and Visa® payment companies. We also support the international AIDs for Union Pay® (ATM only) and Interac® (POS only).

NYCE offers chip card issuers ARQC validation/ARPC generation support, iCVx validation and partial grade transaction conversion services.

NYCE requires ATM and POS acquirers to load and support the domestic and global AIDs licensed by U.S. and international payment companies as applicable to NYCE services. NYCE provides detailed documentation designed to assist acquiring processors and terminal participants in maximizing U.S. and international card acceptance and transaction approval rates.