Marketing Support

SUM Logo

NYCE offers a variety of marketing materials to support NYCE participants, SUM surcharge-free program members.

Graphic Standards (pdf files)

If you have questions on the graphic standards available from NYCE, e-mail

Decals at no charge

NYCE offers red and white logo decals for use on terminals, doors, windows, cash registers and check-out lanes, free-of-charge and in several sizes.

Shipping and handling is also free!

Tool Kits

SUM. To help you promote participation in the SUM program and educate cardholders on the benefits of SUM, NYCE offers a range of complimentary marketing support materials, such as decals, posters, statement stuffers, postcards and website banners. To view these materials, visit SUM Marketing Tool Kit.

Logo Files

Requirements for displaying the NYCE and SUM logos can be found in their respective graphic standards. NYCE graphic standards include requirements for the Shared Deposit program. Reproduction-quality electronic files of each logo can be found on InfoManager, or you may request logo files by emailing

Assistance with Other Marketing Needs

If you need additional EFT marketing materials, please contact your preferred supplies company. If you do not have a provider, we suggest Breckenridge Financial Supplies (800.874.5755).

Breckenridge can supply:

  • Decals/signage systems
  • Surcharge notification decals/signage
  • General ATM supplies (such as card sleeves and ATM receipts)
  • Custom materials

Linking to NYCE Web Sites

NYCE allows its participants to add a link from their websites to the following websites, free of charge: NYCE ( and SUM ( ). No written permission is required. For more information, email