Printing Your Toolkit Collateral

To help accelerate the use of the SUM toolkit, all of the collateral materials are "production ready" — meaning they are a sufficient resolution and have been mechanically prepared for printing. The formatting of these documents will deliver a high-quality, professional print -- whether it's printed from a desktop printer, digital press or traditional offset press.

Because industry-standard graphics software has been used in the development of your SUM toolkit, your printer should have little difficulty accessing the files provided − whether they use a Windows/PC or Macintosh platform. This includes the font sets provided (see FONTS above regarding the use of the font sets).

Your choice of printer (and printing process) is left to your discretion. You may ask your print representative to recommend a paper stock for printing your toolkit collateral. We recommend that you print based on the following specifications:

  • Stock: Lustro Dull
  • Weight: Varies depending on collateral piece, but 80# as a minimum rule of thumb
  • Color: 4/4 (4-color process on both sides) or 4/0 (4-color process on one side)
  • Coating: Flood satin aqueous

Your printer may be an ideal resource for managing all of your custom changes and brand alterations. This will depend on the printer's capabilities and sensitivities to your branding requirements. To ensure quality, we recommend that your review proofs of all collateral to ensure that your custom data (contact information, URLs, etc.) is correct.