Sample Web Page Copy

For your Web site, we've provided sample SUM® program text that you can edit or use as is. Make your copy changes as needed, but note that the benefits of the SUM program have been accurately outlined in this document. If you have any questions with respect to customized copy you may want to use, e-mail

Once completed, follow your internal processes for facilitating Web site changes. We recommend creating a new, unique page to promote and educate your customers regarding your SUM program membership. For some companies, internal IT staff manages such Web requests; for others, a third-party Web management/IT resource may be the solution.

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SUM URL for Banner Click-Through and Collateral References

Throughout the toolkit, you will see that we reference: www.{}/freeatm
This is the URL that links to the provided copy noted here. We recommend using your existing URL with the "/freeatm" extension. Make sure this page is live before distributing any materials that include this URL.

Recommended Link Page - FAQs

There is one additional link page for which content has been provided. We strongly recommend adding this link as part of your SUM program services - it will provide more detailed information to your customers and potentially reduce calls to your customer service teams.

The link can be placed anywhere on your SUM program Web page or used as its own stand-alone Web page.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): FAQs are a useful tool to address the most common consumer questions and concerns. Complete FAQ content is provided. Answers have been designed based solely on SUM program features and benefits. Please review each question and answer carefully to ensure its accuracy and applicability for your institution.

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