Canadian debit cardholders can shop in the US

Visiting the U.S. from Canada? Shop with your debit card* at millions of retail stores in the U.S.

A special welcome for Canadian cardholders*

Welcome to the convenience of using your Canadian debit card* to purchase goods or services at more than 2 million retail stores across the U.S.

Though a service offered by Interac Corp., the Canadian financial institutions listed below** are participating with NYCE so you can use your debit card* in the U.S. for purchases, similar to the way you use your card in Canada.

ATB Financial
National Bank of Canada
RBC Royal Bank
Credit Union
Canada Trust

*If one of these Canadian financial institutions issued your debit card, you can enter your PIN and purchase goods or services at retailers that accept NYCE cards throughout the U.S.

**Please note that not all credit unions that are members of Credit Union Central of Canada participate in this service. Ask your credit union if your debit card can be used for purchases at U.S. retailers that accept NYCE cards for purchases.

Simply enter your PIN when you make a purchase or pay for a service at any of the retailers that accept NYCE. Your payment will come directly from your Canadian bank or credit union account.

  • No need to carry lots of cash
  • No need to buy travelers' checks ahead of time
  • No foreign exchange hassles;
  • Reduce your credit card interest charges by paying with debit
  • Receive U.S. dollars back at the point of sale at all supermarkets and most pharmacies, saving time and avoiding ATM surcharge fees.

Look for the red and white NYCE logo or signs that say "ATM/debit cards accepted here" at clothing stores, department stores, gas stations, pharmacies, supermarkets, and many other retailers.

Enjoy today the convenience of shopping with your debit card in the U.S. It's that simple.