Tokenization Services

NYCE Tokenization Services

No matter which mobile payments wallet your customers want, NYCE has a tokenization service for you. Popular mobile wallets include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay® and the Microsoft Wallet; NYCE supports any or all of these for your customers.

Tokenization is the process of replacing a consumer’s debit or credit card number with a pseudo-number or “token.” The token is essentially a replacement card number; it is created using a unique BIN specific to your institution, with the remaining digits assigned by the Token Service Provider (TSP). Tokenization provides an additional fraud defense mechanism by allowing the token to be stored and used at the merchant location in place of the card number printed and encoded on a plastic card.

NYCE has been certified with Discover, Mastercard and Visa to support tokenization, such that Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and the Microsoft Wallet are available to NYCE issuing participants at their option. NYCE will receive transactions requested at merchants that support mobile wallets with a token, forward that token to the appropriate TSP and provide your card authorization processor with a transaction request that includes the cardholder’s actual debit card number. This enables your authorization processor to support tokenized transactions with very little change.

In addition, mobile wallets can be used anywhere that merchant contactless services are available to your cardholders.

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