Where can I use my card to make deposits?

Deposit cash or checks with your debit card

NYCE Shared Deposit Program

What Is the NYCE Shared Deposit Program?

ATM/debit cardholders can usually make deposits to their accounts at ATMs owned by their financial institution. With NYCE's Shared Deposit program, many financial institutions enable cardholders to make deposits at ATMs of other institutions that participate in the program. In other words, you can deposit funds into your own account at any ATM that participates in NYCE’s Shared Deposit program.

Can I use My ATM/Debit Card to make a NYCE Shared Deposit?

Both your financial institution and the ATM owner must participate in the NYCE Shared Deposit program for you to use the service. First, check with the financial institution that issued your debit card to find out if you can make deposits at other participating NYCE ATMs.

How can I find an ATM that accepts Shared Deposits?

To find an ATM that participates in NYCE’s Shared Deposit program, use the NYCE ATM Locator. Be sure to narrow your search to “Shared Deposit ATMs.” For your financial institution's funds availability or out-of-state deposit policies with the Shared Deposit program, please contact your financial institution.

If I make a Shared Deposit, when will the Funds be available?

Funds deposited through the NYCE Shared Deposit program may take more than one day to clear and be available to you. Be sure to check with your financial institution to determine its funds availability policies regarding deposits made at another institution’s ATMs.

You can always use your ATM/debit card at any NYCE ATM to check your balance and confirm how much is available to you. Or, check your financial institution’s on-line banking service.