Pay bills with your debit card

Direct Bill Payment

Do you ever need to pay a bill in a hurry? NYCE Direct Bill Payment makes it easy for you to pay many of your regular bills in real-time, without a PIN, by using your debit card.

You can make “just in time” payments for many types of billers, including:

  • Cable and Internet services 
  • Digital media subscriptions 
  • Education (private schools, colleges and universities) 
  • Electricity 
  • Fuel (oil, natural gas, propane) 
  • Home security monitoring services 
  • Government agencies (taxes from various agencies including the IRS, fees) 
  • Insurance premiums 
  • Loans (auto, credit card, mortgage, home equity) 
  • Medical services providers
  • Pest control 
  • Prescription refills 
  • Property maintenance 
  • Rent 
  • Satellite radio and TV 
  • Storage services 
  • Telephone, including wireless and prepaid phone services 
  • Transit fares 
  • Waste disposal 
  • Water suppliers

Simply communicate directly with your billers through their websites or customer service call centers to conduct confidential and secure payments. Since your bills are paid in real time without postal service or check clearing delays, your payment is recorded right away. No waiting to see when your biller received your payment.

What are the benefits?

  • Payments are in real-time, avoiding late fees, interest charges or service interruptions. 
  • Since you have an established relationship with the biller, your PIN is not required. 
  • All personal information and transaction requests are kept confidential. 
  • Make a single payment or for added convenience, schedule recurring payments with those billers that you pay every month. 

Popular Billers

View a list of Popular Billers where NYCE cardholders can make “just in time” payments.