Risk Management

Let NYCE help you monitor transactions to reduce fraud and help you meet your risk management requirements.

NYCE offers Risk Management Solutions, a flexible suite of risk and fraud prevention products and services that enable you to customize your solution to meet your particular risk management needs.

Core risk management services are based on innovative technology created in collaboration with FICO®, a leader in the fraud prevention industry. As part of the NYCE Risk Management Solutions, you will have extended complimentary access to many FICO tools and networking forums.

Risk Management Authorization Blocking Service

Authorization Blocking Service

The NYCE authorization blocking service gives issuers the ability to block transactions where fraud events occur in specific patterns. Issuers establish the criteria, and transactions that match the criteria are automatically denied on your behalf.

Card Alert Service

Included in our Risk Monitoring Service is the Card Alert Service, a FICO-powered sophisticated transaction monitoring service that reports suspected counterfeit cards directly to institutions prior to losses occurring. FICO also makes its fraud forums available to all NYCE participants, so you can keep current on fraud trends and emerging attacks.

Risk Management Card Alert Service

Risk Management Card Verification Services

Card Verification Services 

To further protect your cardholders, NYCE can provide magnetic stripe (Card Verification Value (CVV1) or Card Validation Code (CVC1)) verification as well as chip card ARQC validation/ARPC generation support and iCVx validation, allowing you to administer industry best practices for reducing fraudulent card usage expenses.

PIN Validation

At your option, NYCE can provide PIN validation and negative file services to satisfy your cardholders’ needs for “always available” services while minimizing any financial risk to your institution. At times of heavy demand or to support your own maintenance needs, NYCE is there to service your cardholders and reduce customer service inquiries and complaints.

Benefits of NYCE Risk Management Solutions

  • NYCE offers a number of packages as well as stand-alone services, allowing you to customize your risk management solutions to meet your needs.
  • FICO’s fraud systems are world-renowned; FICO and NYCE together deliver an industry-unique service.
  • The Card Alert Service uses consortium data from multiple networks, detecting more than any cardholder-centric neural network.
  • Standalone services such as authorization blocking, CVX and PIN validation can be customized to meet your specific needs.

We’d be happy to discuss our Risk Management Solutions in greater detail and why we think our package is unique.

Risk Management PIN Validation

Risk Management Forums

Risk Management Forums

NYCE’s popular risk management webinar forums provide NYCE participants with information about recent fraud events, trends, new risk management tools, emerging technologies and techniques for fine-tuning fraud prevention. The webinar format means you can attend without travel expenses, and it also provides an opportunity to submit questions confidentially during the event. Risk management forums are customarily held twice each year, and all NYCE participants are invited to attend.

Risk Monitoring Service (RMS)

RMS is a real-time terminal-centric solution recognized as an industry-leading fraud detection and prevention tool. Using information about the transaction in real time, and terminal and cardholder historical profiles along with patented neural processing, RMS assigns three Falcon fraud scores to each transaction and employs a sophisticated rules engine to potentially deny fraudulent transactions as they occur. Financial institutions can elect online monitoring, case management and reporting services to complement your existing fraud prevention services. The 24/7 case management option provides an established group of fraud analysts to monitor alerts and work with cases on your behalf.

Risk Monitoring Service