Point of Sale

Premium PIN, PINless and signature services

NYCE’s POS Purchase is a comprehensive suite of card-present transactions that delivers the fastest checkout experience coupled with lowered payment expense when compared with the traditional signature networks. The NYCE POS service includes access to every major PIN POS merchant across the U.S.

In addition, NYCE offers PINless POS purchases up to $50 that do not require a signature capture. Effective April 15, 2018, PINless POS purchases at an EMV-enabled terminal greater than $50 will no longer require capturing a customer’s signature.

These solutions provide the benefits of real-time processing while providing merchants with processing cost reductions. Unlike traditional signature networks, the majority of PINless POS transactions through NYCE will be single-message rather than dual-message. Unlike the traditional signature networks, NYCE PIN POS allows customers to receive cash back.

NYCE Extensive POS Coverage

Extensive POS Coverage Means More Opportunities for Revenue

NYCE’s extensive and growing base of retailer locations lets your cardholders use their debit cards at a wide variety of establishments with outstanding national coverage. NYCE POS includes traditional PIN debit retailer segments, such as grocery stores and gas stations, plus department stores, clothing retailers, pharmacies, gasoline stations, home improvement stores, discount chains and many others. More than 2 million retail locations in the U.S. and its territories accept NYCE debit cards for purchases. More and more retailers are offering PINless POS services, as well.

Your cardholders will appreciate widespread access to their accounts and NYCE’s outstanding service quality and reliability, which strengthens your customer relationships.

Cash back services with PIN POS transactions are offered at supermarkets, pharmacies and a variety of other retailers, providing another delivery channel for convenient cash access to consumer accounts.

NYCE Offers Three PINless POS Services

NYCE PINless POS requires the cardholder to be present, and the card must be swiped or tapped at the POS terminal. NYCE PINless POS services mirror the security requirements provided by alternative signature paths, and all transactions are scored by NYCE’s Risk Monitoring Service (RMS), developed in association with FICO. Features and benefits of the three services are:

  • PINless POS $50 and Under
    • Increases speed through the checkout line, benefitting both cardholders and retailers
    • Cash back and the purchase of cash-equivalent instruments are not permitted.
    • Card issuers are required to authenticate CVC or CVV, as applicable, and the cardholder’s ZIP code, whenever present in a transaction request.
  • PINless POS $50+
    • Merchant is required to obtain cardholder’s signature and compare to one on the card.
    • Merchant is liable when unable to provide evidence of obtaining the cardholder’s signature.
  • PINless POS for Automated Fuel Dispensers (AFDs)
    • The gasoline retailer submits a preauthorization request reflecting the maximum purchase amount; when approved, this request is followed by a purchase completion message for the actual amount dispensed.
    • AFD terminals must support the entry of the cardholder’s ZIP code (known as the address verification service, or AVS).
    • The gasoline retailer is liable for PINless POS purchases whenever the AVS value is not forwarded to the card issuer.
NYCE Three PINless POS Services

NYCE Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits of NYCE POS

  • Generates interchange revenue versus cash or check payments
  • Secure, cost-effective payment with little customer service expense
  • Highly competitive interchange rates
  • Easy, no-hassle checkout for your cardholders – Signature verification required only for PINless POS purchases greater than $50. Popular cash back feature on PIN POS purchases saves your cardholders time and money versus additional trips to ATMs.
  • Popular cash back feature saves your cardholders time and money versus additional trips to ATMs
  • Cardholders reduce their need to carry lots of cash
  • Cardholders benefit by not incurring credit card interest charges by paying with debit