Shop with your debit card

Shop with NYCE – it’s fast, easy and convenient

You can use your ATM/debit card throughout the U.S. to pay for purchases at grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing retailers, convenience stores, department stores, gasoline stations, home improvement stores, discount chains and many others. Simply ask at the checkout counter if debit cards are accepted. More than 2 million retail locations in the U.S. accept NYCE debit cards for purchases.

Benefits of Using Your Debit Card for Purchases and Cash Back

  • No need to carry lots of cash
  • Quick and easy check-out
  • Avoid credit card interest charges by paying with your debit card.
  • When you enter your PIN, receive cash back at all supermarkets and pharmacies and many other retailers, saving time and avoiding a trip to the ATM.

So the next time you’re shopping, remember your debit card. It’s fast and easy – and that’s NYCE.

Look for the red and white NYCE logo or signs that say, "ATM/debit cards accepted here" at clothing stores, department stores, gas stations, pharmacies, supermarkets and many other retailers.